Listen to your baby's heartbeat from the comfort of your own home!

Fetal heart rate monitors provide moms with a wide range of benefits from reducing their anxiety and providing reassurance that their baby is doing well, to helping parents bond with their baby by listening to the heartbeat.

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1. Clear Fetal Heart Sound: High performance clear fetal heart sound.

2. LCD Display: Multi-parameter working mode, and fetal heart rate display, clear FHR (Fetal Heart Rate) display.

3. High Sensitivity: Medical grade, high sensitivity waterproof probe, no radiation to detect, low ultrasound power, safer to the fetus

4. Perfect for listening and recording your unborn baby's heartbeat when he is 12 weeks above.

5. Lightweight and easy to carry. You can share your joy - a healthy and strong heartbeat with your lover, families, and friends, whether you are at home or out.

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Connect with Your Baby!

With an ultrasound dosage of less than 50%, it’s perfectly safe to use from the comfort of your home, allowing you to check in with your baby in between appointments. The built-in speaker means you can share this moment with others.

The bright LCD display screen shows your baby’s heart rate while you are using it, making it even easier to detect.

Whether you are traveling, using it at home, or a midwife or obstetrician relying on it for appointments, the Family Doppler is easy to use and effective.

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